Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Professional Grade: Student Art Work on Display (... and Where You Can Find It at CSULB)

If the Student Art Galleries of Cal State Long Beach have accomplished your undetection, be suspicious of your senses!

The galleries are nestled between Fine Arts buildings 2 and 3. (FA3 is the same building where you'll find the Student Art Store, which is ground-level.) Here is map of South Campus where the buildings are clearly labeled.

The handful of galleries range in size and name—Gatov Gallery West, Gatov Gallery East, Merlino Gallery, Dutzi Gallery and Werby Gallery. There are over 180 shows at these galleries in the span of a school year, shows rotating on a weekly basis.

Shows are erected Friday or Saturday; then, the openings come every Sunday evening from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.; and then the usual hours are as follow: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, noon to 5 p.m., and Wednesday from noon to the extended hour of 7 p.m. The shows end on Thursday, and the process starts all over again.

To view the fall's schedule of shows, view the fall's exhibitions schedule here.

And here is what you missed last week...

top, left Drawing and painting student Emily Neptune grips gouache and acrylic in "I can't, I don't know how." Neptune showed Sept. 21 to 25 in the Dutzi Gallery. Her show's name: "Nothing Is Satisfied." top, right "Just ignore them and pretend like it doesn't matter." Another mesmerizing piece by Nepune. bottom A secret paradise imagined and constructed by ceramics students Julia Haft-Candell (left) and Alexis Gregg (right). Their show "Mesh" paired the two in Gatov Gallery West from Sept. 21 to Sept. 25.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Push Play to that Good "New 5-D" Talk

Cruising the Web, I encountered this newly posted video about next week's mega-conference, "5D," which will be held at Cal State Long Beach. Professionals from around the world will meet to discuss top innovative and influential themes currently grasping the film, television, architecture and animation world.

Chris Scoates, director of the University Art Museum and one of the main founders of "5D," recently announced a $45 deal for students—$45: the special student rate for the first 200 to sign up at the UAM. Learning how to push these uber-thinkers sounds insanely inspiring.

The conference takes place Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 4 and 5, at the Capenter Performing Arts Center of Cal State Long Beach. Complete details at the "5D" Web site: 5D, The Future of Immersive Design.

Friday, September 19, 2008

On the Arts Beat: "art/tapes/22," the Foreign Press Association at CSULB, and 5 Ways to Get What You Want as a Liberal Arts Major

Accurate, true and fabulous. Long Beach newspapers know how to report the arts at Cal State Long Beach. News got so thick today, in fact, that the LA Times and KPCC threw some Long Beach news into the mix, news that will eventually touch the careers and lives of CSULB students. What news is this, you ask? Pssst... Oh, just that the biggest independent recording studios in the world ever will be built in Long Beach, dubbed, for now, the Long Beach Studios. Accurate, true and fabulous, I reported on the topic for the Daily Forty-Niner in August! Check it: Long Beach: The new Hollywood?

As a journalism student, I know all about that unique, stalwart energy that's poured into reporting stories that matter. Here, I expose my collection of clips on the latest news about the arts on campus. Read, read, read!

Click the articles to broaden your brilliance on the arts at CSULB! Top row: In Sept. 19’s Press Telegram (left) and Sept. 10’s District Weekly (right), reviews on the University Art Museum’s “art/tapes/22” surface—with golden remarks. Middle Row: On Sept. 10 Daily Forty-Niner reports on the scholarship opportunities the Foreign Press Association give CSULB students. Bottom Row: DFN (left), also on Sept. 10, report about full-ride scholars new to the Bob Cole Conservatory. On Sept. 3, Union Weekly sputters details on the gorgeous opportunities to being a liberal arts student.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

From Meeting Notes: "Most Likely to Succeed"

You've defied all extreme possible roles where being the authority is listed in the job description. But yet you take awesome notes, or perhaps have the hidden talent of keeping record on stacks and wads of el dinero.

So what?, you wonder? So, the College of the Arts Student Council needs you.

At Wednesday's opening meeting for the '08-'09 school year, president Bobby Ortiz announced the council's two currently open seats—secretary and treasurer. The secretary's role would be fulfilled with note-taking, while treasurer would oversee grants and allotment of funds towards COTA-wide and other unique, organization-centric events.

Similarly, ASI (Associated Students Incorporated) is looking for one more COTA Senator. Requisites include attendance of ASI Senate meetings, which are Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m., and three hours devoted as office hours, weekly. And, according to the current COTA Senator who made the announcement, end-of-the-semester stipends come with the year-long deal.

Both, the ASI Senate and the Student Council, are purely composed of arts students with a drive to make the arts at CSULB supreme. 

Sign your name at the X, please!

1Bobby Ortiz, bobbyfortiz@me.com
COTA Student Council, President
OR pbustama@csulb.edu
ASI COTA Senator

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Must-Attend (FREE) Events this Week

Sure, we all complain about higher tuition costs, the inflated prices on textbooks and paying exorbitant amounts of money on a parking permit when parking isn't even guaranteed.

Pencils down, big spenders! Jolt your brains' right-sided hemispheres, and absorb a few special and inspiring art shows happening now at the grand Cal State Long Beach. Oh, and, ahem!, all for free.

1. The Doodle Show, Merlino Gallery

Illustration student Beverly Bartolome (pictured above) did the right thing and celebrated her opening night at the Merlino Gallery with pink cupcakes. Art show runs through Sept. 18.

2. UAM@Noon, University Art Museum

Photo taken at Saturday's opening of "art/tapes/22."
An amazing show, "art/tapes/22," is not complete without a noontime walk-through with curator Alice Hutchison and artist Simone Forti. Be around Tuesday, Sept. 16, for UAM@Noon, when the museum opens its doors and our minds to the historical making of Maria Gloria Bicocchi's video visions.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Q&A with a Doodle Master from Planet CSULB

Beverly Bartolome—university illustration student, talented curator and an authority on doodling. That's right, doodling, that peculiar pasttime that some of us impulsively engage in during those loooooong, laborious lectures. And, watch out! Bartolome's up to something good with next week's must-see art show at Cal State Long Beach's Merlino Gallery, where she'll be displaying a rare collection of fantastic doodle masterpieces.

Click and enlarge the image below to learn about Bartolome's attraction to doodling, when she last doodled and what you can expect at her show, The Doodle Show.

Details about the show on the image. Click to enlarge.

This is one doodle that can’t be undid, homeskillet.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Announcement: Art Supply Sale in Progress!

There is an art supply sale going on through Friday inside the Design Building at Cal State Long Beach. Items range from 50-cent, smear-proof pens and markers, to a set of drafting table and chair, price tag $60. Seniors belonging to the Design Student Association are organizers of the sale. Their goal: raising $13,000 to put on the annual senior show, said Octavio Lopez, DSA co-president and senior industrial design student. Other DSA fundraising functions are planned for the year, added Lopez. For now, the sale goes on. There are clipboards, bass and balsa wood, and so much more.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Image Collage: Open Studios 2008

Glimpses to Sunday's Open Studios event grad students opened their doors to the world...

HeART Attack.

Emily Quest's art, picture-perfect during Sunday's Open Studios event.

Welcome to ARTicles!

This is the first official posting to my new blog as Arts Commissioner to the student government at Cal State Long Beach, Associated Students Incorporated (ASI).

It is my utmost goal to awaken, attract and entice students on our campus to the arts. Plans for fleshy, fun campus-wide events are in the development process, though great things are happening constantly at CSULB, and I hope to keep you connected and aware with this blog.

Please enjoy the perusal and the usage of ARTicles!

Hearts and farts,
Barbara Navarro